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The centre is fully wheelchair accessible.

Customer Disabled Toilet Facilities are available located next to DW Sports in West Mall, in addition Starbucks offer disabled toilet facilities.

Our Commitment to Purple

High Chelmer’s Purple membership is focussed on working with and representing their core objectives in breaking down inequalities for disabled people, whilst strengthening our knowledge and approach to disability. We aim to do this by transforming current thinking and adapting changes to support businesses and disabled people with a view to improving the ‘purple pound’ spend within Chelmsford City to ensure it is accessible to all.

By working with Purple, we aim to access the resources and facilities available to us to ensure greater accessibility to everyone. To do so, we will liaise with experts in Conversations, Training the Digital Diagnosis and the Knowledge Bank.
Disability Confidence is important to us at High Chelmer, a centre which has always been at the heart of the community and the people we serve. We are open to everyone, with physical and digital accessibility being a core focus for our customers.
For more information about Purple and our commitment to accessibility, please visit:

Disabled Parking Spaces

Chelmsford City Council provide details of spaces available within the area, those nearest to High Chelmer are located on Bellmead, High Chelmer Multi-Storey and along Market Road.


Operated by Chelmsford City Council who to make Chelmsford city centre more accessible lend out scooters and wheelchairs from their Shopmobility in Market Road.

Shopmobility is a free service, which is operated from the rear of the public toilets in Market Road. There are five parking spaces for Blue Badge holders and one for Changing Places users, which you can access from Threadneedle Street.

How do I book Shopmobility?

Monday to Saturday
8:15am to 5:30pm
Latest issue of equipment: 4:30pm
Latest time to return equipment: 5:30pm

10:15am to 4:30pm
Latest issue of equipment: 3:45pm
Latest time to return equipment: 4:30pm

Call the office – 01245 250467
The office phone lines are open from Tuesday to Saturday from 8am to 4pm.


Sensory Shopping Guide

A Sensory Shopping Guide which details important centre information in an accessible format, has been created to support you before, during and after your visit to the centre. To view the guide, please click here.