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Customer Services

High Chelmer Customer Service Policy

Our aim is to deliver exceptional standards of Customer Service by identifying through listening and understanding the needs and expectations of our Customers, positively influencing and ensuring High Chelmer is a safe, secure and clean environment to be a destination of choice for all of our customers.

High Chelmer Customer Service Charter

Passion – We will strive to;




·      Be advocates of the High Chelmer Policy Statement

·      Provide equal standards of service to colleagues and customers

·      Excel in all areas of customer service

·      Ensure all customers and colleagues feel valued

·      Be proud of what we do and show pride when we deliver

Innovation – Our team will be encouraged to;



·      Constantly consult and ways to improve and develop systems, services and our delivery of customer service

·      Ensure the basics are delivered to high standards

·      Provide an environment where we all have the courage to challenge the process to identify new ideas

Excellence – We will embrace a




·      Positive attitude and approach to each and every situation and/or challenge we face

·      focus on delivering exceptional customer service by listening and understanding the needs of our customers and colleagues

·      High standard of honesty and integrity, develop loyalty

Go Above & Beyond – We will always endeavour to; ·      Under promise and over deliver

·      Respond to communication (email, telephone and postal) within 72 hours, including complaints

·      Be Open, honest and approachable

·      Be professional and polite at all times

Teamwork – We will adopt a one team ethic by;


·      Being respectful and considerate of our colleagues, customers and partners

·      Investing in our people delivering high standards of training for everyone as opposed to individuals

·      being multi skilled in all aspects of our work to prevent complacency

Trusted Partner – We will ensure that;


·      We will never compromise on safety and security

·      We promise that in all our operations we consider the environment and adhere to greener solutions at all times

Be Generous – We will always watch out for;




·      Opportunities to offer support, assistance and guidance

·      Potential issues which could affect the integrity of the team and centre through poor customer service delivery

·      Negative feedback and comments from customers particularly where improvements can be easily achieved

Leadership – We will always listen and encourage by;



·      Making a commitment to continuously improve and a willingness to accept and adapt to change

·      Supporting our customers and colleagues by being available

·      Making it easy for complaints, recommendations, suggestions and feedback to be made and positively responded to

Maintain Intense Focus – Our results will be delivered by;


·      continually seeking comments and suggestions in order to improve our service delivery

·      accepting accountability for our actions and results

·      Regularly managing, monitoring, developing and reviewing our policy and charter

Build Relationships – We will empower our team to;


·      Pro- actively engage with customer, colleagues and partners regularly

·      Communicate in plain English to ensure information, guidance, support and advise is easily understood

·      Commit to delivery of the High Chelmer Customer Service Charter



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