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High Chelmer paving the green path for shopping centres worldwide

High Chelmer is set for worldwide recognition after the centre was recently named as International Green World Ambassadors.

The accolade comes as a result of the success of its use of photovoltaic panels – a solar power project that won a Green Apple Environment Award in 2015. The centre was then chosen for further recognition at a special ceremony in August of this year, hosted at The Crystal in London Docklands, a space regarded as the most sustainable events venue in the UK.

As a result of the success of the project, High Chelmer will have its award-winning paper published in The Green Book, the world’s only annual work of reference on environmental best practice that is distributed to environment professionals, universities and libraries around the world by The Green Organisation.

The award judges commented: “In 2013 High Chelmer installed a solar panel array above a 60,000 square foot Primark store to provide 17 kilowatts of peak power. The installation has proved to be a great success, generating more than 50,000 kilowatts and an income of almost £5,000. Beyond this, it has removed the need for the equivalent amount of mains power and its associated carbon, and has inspired colleagues at other centres to follow their lead.”

Mick McDonagh, High Chelmer Centre Manager, said: “We are honoured and delighted to receive the award. We are particularly pleased to be one of the shopping centres pioneering the way forward on solar power by demonstrating environmental leadership in this field of endeavour by utilising hitherto dormant roof space and other sustainable energy solutions within our operational management.

“We are thrilled to be put forward for further judging and entry into The Green World Awards for the environment in relation to our previous PV solar panel installation project and we are looking forward to continuing to lead the way for other shopping centres in environmental projects.”

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