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Olympics/Paralympics Competition Winner at High Chelmer

Man and Woman outside Primark at High Chelmer

Over 14,000 athletes from 206 teams and 176 Paralympic teams competed at the Rio 2016 Games

High Chelmer commemorated this event by flying the flags of the various participating nations. Flags of each of the Olympic continents (which differ slightly from geographical continents) were grouped together at high level in the Malls and Central Square. Each continent also had a banner with its name and colour code Africa – Yellow, Europe – Blue, Asia – Red, Oceania – Green and Americas – Black. The code was specific to High Chelmer, therefore only the entrants would know the answer if they visited each of the Malls and Central Square in High Chelmer and noted down the colours.

The Centre was inundated with entries and the lucky winner was Sheila O’Connor who was presented with £100 Boots voucher and £100 Primark voucher.

Pictured from left to right are Steve Thomas, Customer Service Manager, High Chelmer and Sheila O’Connor.