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Latest exhibition gives Chelmer Fine Art a brush with success

Chelmer Fine Art welcomed the UK’s leading seller of original art – Rozzane Bell – on Saturday to display her newest collection, and art enthusiasts from across the region turned up in their droves to meet her.

Shoppers and collectors alike were able to chat to the Dorset-based artist about everything from her new and past works to what inspires her and her technique. Chelmer Fine Art Owner, Andrew Bregsall, said he was delighted with the turnout.

“It was wonderful to have Roz in the store this weekend,” said Andrew. “Her paintings are wonderfully vivid and her newest collection is no exception. Roz’s work usually focuses on harbour scenes and floral images but her latest set of paintings centres on a variety of animals including elephants and peacocks and they’re so bright and vibrant.

“We were staggered by how many people visited the store on Saturday. We had collectors of her work come from far and wide to meet with her and see her newest collection of paintings.”

High Chelmer Centre Manager, Mick McDonagh, said he was delighted that Chelmer Fine Art had such a successful day. “It’s always great when stores at the centre put on events such as this,” said Mick.

“Chelmer Fine Art display a superb selection of paintings and we were honoured that an artist of Roz Bell’s calibre took the time to visit Chelmer Fine Art to talk and engage with shoppers. Each painting from Roz is an original and made even more unique by the fact she doesn’t do prints of her limited edition works. I’m really pleased for Andrew and the team that they had such a good Saturday.”

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