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Transatlantic collaboration comes to High Chelmer this Saturday

A first-in-the-UK book signing and art exhibit will be taking place in High Chelmer on Saturday, as a transatlantic collaboration comes to the popular shopping centre.

Chelmsford-based international artist, James Mackenzie and Marcee Corn, a bestselling author from North Carolina, USA, will be signing copies of Marcee’s latest hit – Always Thaddeus – a suspense novel set in Maine, that features stunning artwork created by James, especially for the book.

Formed over social media, the collaboration between pen and paint came about after Marcee purchased several pieces of James’s work after seeing them online. A mutual admiration of each other’s work grew and after further discussion, Marcee commissioned James to create exclusive pieces for her story.

“It is fantastic to have two extremely talented people in the centre this weekend,” said High Chelmer Centre Manager, Mick McDonagh. “It’s a wonderful story about how James and Marcee met and I’m thrilled that they’ve chosen High Chelmer as the location for their first book and art signing. They’ll be in Central Square where shoppers can meet the pair, talk about the book and art and what inspires them both.”

As well as the book and art signing, there will be a chance to see the exclusive paintings featured in the book in an art show in the Ideas Hub from Saturday 16 September to Friday 22 September, giving the people of Chelmsford even more chance to see the works up-close before they head on tour around Essex and London later this month.

“The Ideas Hub is a great location for James to display his work and having it on show for a week gives those interested in art and literature even more chance to see it,” added Mick.

James Mackenzie and Marcee Corn will be in High Chelmer to sign copies of the bestselling title, Always Thaddeus, from 11am to 2pm on Saturday 16 September.

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