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Disney delight at High Chelmer

Chelmsford’s High Chelmer Shopping Centre just got a sprinkling of magic and sparkle today as, Disney, opened a pop-up store in the mall.

Excitement had been building throughout the city and High Chelmer Centre Manager Mick McDonagh, said he was delighted to welcome such an immensely popular global name to the centre.

“Disney characters and stories are popular the world over and the new store is a great addition to the centre,” said Mick. “It’s a name that automatically brings smiles to faces and resonates with people from across generations. I’m thrilled that doors to the store are now open.”

The store features items from favourites such as Frozen, Moana, Finding Dory, Beauty & The Beast and countless other classics. “As well as characters such as Elsa, Nemo, Simba or Lightning McQueen, Disney also owns the Star Wars and Marvel brands, so whether you’re a Captain America fan, or a loyal Jedi there will be something for everyone,” added Mick.

Graham Burridge, Managing Director, Disney Store Europe commented: “We’re delighted to open a pop-up Disney Store at High Chelmer. The store features a fantastic range of Disney, Marvel and Star Wars merchandise and is the perfect place to find the toys, gifts, collectibles and everyday treats for all the family. Our staff are looking forward to welcoming the people of Chelmsford over the coming weeks and months.”

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