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Love Essex to host ‘Swap Until You Drop’ recycling event at High Chelmer

Shoppers to donate and receive clothing items for free

A popular clothes swap event is set to return to High Chelmer this week, where locals are encouraged to give unwanted items a new home.

From 3pm until 6.30pm on Thursday 25 October, Chelmsford shoppers are invited to take part in the half-term edition of ‘Swap Until You Drop’ organised by Love Essex. The clothing recycling event is free to attend, with guests asked to bring clothes, footwear and accessories in good, clean condition that they’d like to donate. In exchange for this, one token per item will be given but will be capped at 20.

The fun will then begin in the swap zone, where savvy shoppers can choose things donated by other event-goers, which they will ‘pay’ for using the tokens. A clothes deposit will be open from 2pm to help reduce queuing times ahead of the main event.

Mick McDonagh, centre manager at High Chelmer, said the initiative is a fantastic way of raising awareness about recycling. “If we asked for a show of hands of who has thrown a piece of clothing away that was actually still wearable, I’m sure there would be very few who hadn’t.

“If we all took a few extra moments to consider if something really does need throwing out or could be passed on to someone else, this will really help with reducing the number of unnecessary items going to landfill,” said Mick. “Swap Until You Drop encourages us to be more mindful of sustainability and is a brilliant opportunity to update the whole family’s wardrobe at no extra cost.”

Love Essex, a partnership of councils and businesses, has shared startling figures that every household in Essex bins the equivalent of 36 woolly jumpers per year. More than half of these clothes could have been reused or recycled. Disposing of binned clothes costs the Essex taxpayer in excess of £1.5 million each year.

The Love Essex ‘Swap Until You Drop’ event will take place at High Chelmer on Thursday 25 October between 3pm and 6.30pm. For further information on recycling, please visit

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