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Seasonal sale shopping success at High Chelmer

The lure of marvellous markdowns saw thousands of Chelmsford shoppers descending on High Chelmer on Boxing Day to make the most of the fantastic bargains and exclusive deals on offer.

When the shopping centre’s doors opened at 6am on 26 December, the first of the day’s visitors made a beeline for Next and its highly-anticipated big sale bonanza, with the likes of Topshop, Topman, Office, Boots, Clarks and JD Sports also treating customers to a wealth of irresistible discounts.

“Boxing Day has consistently been an incredibly strong trading day for High Chelmer for many years and I’m delighted to say this trend applies to 2019 as well,” said Mick McDonagh, centre manager at High Chelmer.

“Seeing the malls filled with people having a great time exploring all the heavily-reduced items shows that our community is still very much enamoured with this sales shopping tradition,” continued Mick. “It harked back to the good old days of the high street and coupled with a jovial atmosphere; it has been a thoroughly enjoyable festive shopping season.

“It’s not over yet though, as our retailers will continue to slash prices throughout January enabling plenty more time for customers to consider their next purchases.” Mick added. “We look forward to more retail success throughout 2020.”

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