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High Chelmer’s Central Square becomes home to new artist-in-residence

Sylphen-trill’ (2021) – is a shopping ‘mall’ project by Canadian born artist Micha Eden Erdész.

The cool – willowing – proto-sculpture in stretch-Lycra adorning High Chelmer’s central square is ‘New – look – prime / arc’ (2021) by High Chelmer’s artist-in-residence.

Micha Eden Erdész is an Intermedia artist – working relationally between different kinds of media.

Influenced by Canadian image-making and cinematography, ‘New – look – prime / arc’ (2021) is a work that is barely sculpture at 23 meters long, in suspended printed Lycra textile. It reveals the artist’s interest in divination and augury as a means of commenting on how faith governs contemporary belief and decision-making.

This is illustrated by the suggested reading of an ill-defined subject’s future as it is described by ‘wandering’ drawings, mark-making, and the shapes of foam blocks – systematically pulled apart from their perforated order. This piece is the first of the artist’s gestures that will combine and coalesce into a singular work over several weeks entitled ‘Sylphen-trill’, introducing ideas about the re-enchantment of the real-world through the folkloric, using humour and horror.

Erdész recalls the suburbia of his childhood, the peculiarly tentative atmosphere of the local strip-mall, in addition to seeing artist Michael Snow’s iconic ‘Flight Stop’ (1979) adorning Toronto’s Eaton Centre. Continued artistic interventions will include a painted panel on the periphery of the central square, and a digital work on the information points at the three building entrances until mid-November.

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